So Amanda Probert


Went from 22nd to 2nd in the worlds in one year!


This girl is honestly such an inspiration. I think so many people thought the senior ladies top 5 was set in stone, seemingly impossible to crack into as it is by far the most well known competition, with some of the greatest and most famous dancers.

This girl is proof that anyone can do it! She was absolutely stunning. Congrats to Emily Lupiano! 




I made a thing for you guys. Whether you need a boost after Worlds or some Nationals motivation I hope this helps! :) original post here

SOBBING this is perfect

I’ve never seen a more accurate
description of my life.
I’m sobbing because I love dance.

Thank you so much.

A little poem


Sitting on your ass
Won’t win you a sash

My eating disorder destroyed me from the inside out. It stole my mind and then my body. But now I’m taking them back. I am recovering.
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how to date someone during training for a major:




Ain’t nobody got time for that



The last push at the end of the race is always worth it.  If you do push, you’ll be in horrible pain.  But the pain lasts for ten, twenty, thirty seconds, or one minute.  Don’t push, and the pain of what could have been will last so much longer.  Always push yourself.


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